Marketing Tip

No matter what the piece logo, ad, website always remember that for a client and/or prospective client to respond they must understand what you are saying. Make sure you are talking to them in their language



Just another communication tool.

While in the current environment it could be argued that the web is the most important communication tool, at the end of the day it is just a communication tool, and only as good as its contents and the customers' ability to find it out there in the ether. That's why we believe that a web site must be part of your brand. On a basic level it replaces the printed brochure.

So what's the benefit?
First, a web site will reduce your printing costs – how many brochures have been thrown out because someone or something has changed in a business? Second, if you are selling from your site, it's like having a second location without the rent and hydro costs.

Now how do we use it?
We have to understand it. A gardener or farmer needs bees to pollinate his plants in order to get the final payoff. He can simply wait for the bees or he can find ways to attract them. Some farmers will even pay a bee keeper to put hives on or adjacent to their crops. You need to ask the same question when it comes to your web site: how do we get people to it and/or get it to them?

Our process is simple.
We will first understand your business and your customer. We will then understand the customer you want and develop a site that will speak directly to them. Once developed, we'll work with our specialists to make sure you're getting the traffic you need to make your site a success and your business grow.