Marketing Tip

No matter what the piece logo, ad, website always remember that for a client and/or prospective client to respond they must understand what you are saying. Make sure you are talking to them in their language



The Focal Point

Your logo is the place to start.

Your logo is your business. It needs to be memorable and professional, and it needs to work in your business category. The best gardens have a point of focus, that one item - be it a water feature, sculpture or particular plant- that makes people stop and take it all in. A professionally designed logo is not just a cool graphic. It looks at both the company it's representing and the target it's trying to attract and, like the garden focal point, becomes the thing that everyone remembers, thinks of and refers to.

Once the point of focus has been established it needs to be protected. This is done with a Manual of Style, the set of rules and guidelines around how a logo can be used. With this in place, development of all other materials can begin. These materials create the brand. A professionally developed brand will be recognized before the person reading it even knows they're doing so. Once the brand is recognizable, a level of trust has been developed, materials will be more easily accepted and things can really begin to take off.