Marketing Tip

Always remember that you & those who work for you are a refelection of your business. Make sure that your company values are not just spoken of but lived by. Your customers will notice.



Telling Your Story

Abby Zotz

My career has been all about diversity. I have a degree in English and Drama from the University of Toronto and my Masters in Fine Arts from York University. My solid academic foundation helped me hone my writing skills early on, and my years of self-promotion as an actor, musician, songwriter, corporate trainer and artist-educator taught me a respect for, understanding of and openness to the unique set of challenges that small business owners face. I love to tell stories – especially in the form of poetry and music. My song Belief was commissioned by the Ban Righ Centre at Queen's University and celebrates finding one's true strength. My multi-disciplinary slant is a tremendous strength that helps me approach each client's needs with passion, creativity and curiosity.