Marketing Tip

Just because you're not the biggest company doesn't mean you can't stand out with your clients and customers. Figure out what makes you different and make sure your customers know about it.



Garden Marketing – A Common Sense Approach

Marketing has to work and be cost effective.

As business owners we all know that nothing comes for free. Even referrals cost us – think about the work that goes into getting the referral and what you have to do to close the sale, not to mention the value of your time.

Our process - Garden Marketing - is a right customer first approach. It's simple: your business attracts a variety of customer types; ideally, it's those “dream customers-' the ones who are easy to work with -that your marketing should bring in. In a garden there are many things to consider when choosing a plant: light requirements, soil types, site conditions and watering constraints to name a few. If you understand your garden and bring in the right plants, you can work away with little stress and see the return in flowers, fruits or vegetables, depending on what you planted. If on the other hand you choose impulsively, not taking into account the environment of your garden, you will have to work very hard to make sure that you keep the plant alive. In the end you'll get a poor yield, if you get anything at all.

So step 1 in growing your business is understanding who your right customer is. From there, prepare you message in a way that they will understand. Lastly deliver it to them in the way they want it, rather than the way that's easiest for you.

Those are the basics of our process. First we understand our client's business (garden) and then look at the best possible customers (plants) for that business.