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Talk to your customers and prospects. Understand their wants and needs and let them help you develop your business. With that in mind...






Welcome to Marcucci Studios -
Where marketing meets common sense.

We created Garden Marketing to help
small business grow.

Our clients are seeing growth even in tough times and it's directly related to how they have put Garden Marketing principals to work for their businesses and products.

Your business faces its own unique challenges. You already carry the seeds for a successful harvest. The Garden Marketing process is tailored to best suit your needs and to help you achieve your goals.

We are a Design and Marketing agency with a focus on small and mid-size Canadian business. With over twenty years of experience in design and marketing, we help our clients understand their product or service, grow the right customer and compete successfully in ever-changing markets.

In these pages we lay out the fundamentals of Garden Marketing that are the cornerstone of what we do, how we work and the workshops we offer. There is no secret to growing a business; it just takes commitment, hard work and common sense.

Plant a seed and watch it grow - plant a seed, nurture it properly, and watch it flourish.

If you are willing to make the commitment
give us a call at 416.694.0044 and
we can start the hard work.


Garden Marketing Workshops course calendar.